Welcoming Our CS Intern to the SP Team!

We recently acquired Sam Brown as an Intern. Sam is currently a Junior at UVM majoring in Computer Science. He has the abilities and talent to quickly adapt his skill set to making ShoutPlans a great service. Lets all welcome Sam to the team!

ShoutPlans Event Planning Tool

ShoutPlans API Development

API development has been implemented to allow easy third party integrations into the data set. API will have access restrictions to only certain key holders and data is ranked on a hierarchy based on the key holders access level.

The API will allow the ShoutPlans platform take off into the next level. The API will allow for a robust java platform to be developed stream lining a clean and quick user experience.

More to come, stay tuned!

Updates - It has been a while!

Sorry for missing the past few weeks on updates everyone, there has been alot going on in and out of the company!

First things first, Social Logic Inc. is attempting t0o win a startup competition and any help from our supporters would be much appreciated by signing up for an account at the site below and rating us a 5:


If you have visited ShoutPlans recently, http://www.shoutplans.com/, you may have noticed we have received a facelift! Exciting news, this is in part from the help we have received from Nick, excellent work he does! Please feel free to join our mailing list for an opportunity to receive updates from ShoutPlans. If you have any comments about how we can make our site look more attractive or be more user friendly, please send an email to support@shoutplans.com.

We have alot of suprises for you in the site that are being built. Some of which include deals on locations, grouping up with friends to an event, and recommendations on things that are going on around you - based off of your past experience and user profile.

Stay in the loop as we approach some of the most exciting times to come!

Graphic Design Team has been created!

Social Logic has grown by two to help with the site design requirements. Nicholas Szumowski and Lindsay Wright have joined the team to help brand ShoutPlans and design the Beta site layout.

Both Nick and Lindsay come from a background in web design, we are all really excited here at Social Logic in regards to what they have to contribute.

Nick’s previous projects can be seen on his site, nszumowski.com.

Linsday’s work can be viewed at http://lindzwright.tumblr.com/

If you have any ideas on what they could use to incorporate into site design, please feel free to email them directly:

Lindsay - lindsay@sociallogic.biz

Nick - nick@sociallogic.biz

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Graphic/Web Design Interest

For those of you that have been following Social Logic, we have been looking for a graphic designer that specializes in web design, we have had an amazing interest in the project from sereral of you out there and we are proud to say that you all have amazing talents and will truely contribute to the success of this company by giving Shout Plans a incredible and truely distinct look and feel.

Stand by for new and exciting announcements as we are about to bring some designers on board!

Programming is fully underway, optimizing site performance with user functionality in mind!

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Graphic Designer/Web Designer position for Social Logic

Graphic Designer/Web Designer needed for innovative user driven event planning project.  Your responsibilities will include but not limited to working in collaboration with Social Logic’s developers to create a wire framework for web browsers and eventually a mobile application design.  Once the wire framework is completed, your task will be to translate/brand that wire framework into an appealing and easy to navigate user Interface using Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. 

You must be creative, imaginative, goal driven, and above all posses the entrepreneurial spirit.  Good communication skills are a must, with a strong understanding and interest in the digital marketing sphere. (Facebook, Twitter, blogging. etc) No Back-end work is required.

The Ideal candidate will have the necessary skill set to Develop  web-ready interfaces layout utilizing such design programs asPhotoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, knowledge in CSS/HTML/HTML 5 is a plus.

Social Logic fosters a culture of self development and having fun.  We are looking for someone who is easy going, yet energized and dependable with the tasks their assigned.  Due to the infancy of the Social Logic, no monetary compensation is possible at this time, however we are offering an equity stake in the company.  Be one of the big players in a company that could revolutionize how people go about meeting online.  

Social Logic is headquarted in Burlington, VT.  Ideally we would prefer someone in the area, however we will definite consider other qualified candidates that are not situated near us. The wonders of the internet and telephone.

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BETA ShoutPlans planned for Spring 2011

The plan is to have a functional social networking site that is user driven and will encompass the following:

A user and venue profile with editing and personalization capabilities.

  • Personalization capabilities refer to picture upload, user contact information,  and personal bio.
  • basic personal calendar that outlines your plans for several days.

integrated with Facebook.

users and venues will have the ability to create, respond and broadcast availability and specific events.

ability to search for events and users.

  • A quick search capability that allows users to quickly search by time, interest and group sub-set.

Messaging service which relays friend request, event updates, user to user messaging, email capability.

If you have any additional ideas that you would like to see have integrated with BETA please email contact@shoutplans.com

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ShoutPlans chooses Zend

Social Logic Inc. the creator behind the activity and event driven platform of ShoutPlans, http://www.shoutplans.com/, has decided to choose the Zend framework.

Zend allows Social Logic to better create dynamic modules that will have a better interaction with users and allow for better functionality.

If you would like to try Beta ShoutPlans, email support@sociallogic.biz, and we can get you a login so you can start experiencing new and exciting events going on in your local area.

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Development is underway with new faces and a new name!

Social Logic has re-branded splinya.com as shoutplans.com.

This transition will allow for the same great product, but a better overall description to users who have never heard of the site to get a simple understanding on what it can be used for.

The recent acquirance of Dan and Matt have expedited programming and we are shooting for a Beta launch of late Spring 2011.

Currently the site is underway with the production of templates and modules that will allow the users to easily navigate the site.

Shoutplans is planning on having an API that allows external services to extract basic data.

Will keep everyone updated with the sites progress in a fashionable manner!

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